Christ Villa Pathfinders

Christ Villa Pathfinders (CV Pathfinder) are a group of young adults from ages 25-30 years, with an aim to impact the church and the community.


To empower the youth to live a life of discipleship; a life of a servant.

Promoting the growth of young and older adolescents which means addressing their unique developmental, social, and religious needs while nurturing the qualities and assets necessary for positive development.

To groom members into leadership positions within the church through spiritual growth.

Develop community outreach programs and initiatives to enhance the social, and community welfare of the members within the church and its community.

To foster unity and togetherness within the church and its community which will open doors to all, regardless of race, religion, gender, mental or physical disabilities, creed, personal beliefs, or national origin.

The CV Pathfinders shall encourage the next generation to grow stronger spiritually, mentally, and professionally in order to impact lives daily.

The CV Pathfinders shall teach the young people to trust in God and propel their relationship towards Christ as they get older in age and maturity in Christ.

The CV Pathfinder shall be a gateway at which the church grows in numbers and spiritually.

The CV Pathfinder shall work towards discipleship of the youths in church and bridge the Gap between the older and younger generation in the church.


The CV Pathfinder will impact and lead the next generation of Christ Villa youth through the four pillars below:


Community/Social Welfare

Family Matters / Outreach

Career and Leadership Development


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