WORKERS DIRECTORATE DEPARTMENT: "Vibrancy & Self-motivated!"

Welcome to the Workers Directorate Department!

Ensure every worker is growing

Ensure every church department is flourishing

Ensure every member's needs are met and satisfied

Ensure our organizational vision and values are upheld and actualized

Coordinates the human resource management of the church to ensure the development of an efficient workforce grown to achieve the mission, vision and goals of the church.


- Recruit highly qualified candidates for all open positions

- Manage all aspects of hiring and onboarding processes

- Serve as a link between workers and the ministry's leadership by handling questions, interpreting policies, and helping to galvanize resources to support the workforce

- Advise and train Head of Departments and workers on HR matters, including legal compliance

- Manage conflict resolution processes, ensuring compliance with internal processes, best practices, and the church’s goals

- Advise and train managers on HR matters, including legal compliance

- Administer annual employee satisfaction survey and recommend steps to improve engagement and morale

Workers Training & Development:

- Implement, manage, improve and evaluate workers training

- Manage performance review process, ensuring that all Ministers and head of Departments are well trained to give feedback to their team members.

Excellence - in service and dedication to the church’s mission, vision and goals

Commitment – committed to recruiting and equipping workers to make positive impact in their service to humanity

Empathetic service – legendary and selfless service provision

Servant-Leadership – Service approach must be hands-on, respectful and delivered with humility

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