Lead Pastor

Pastor Sesan Kuforiji (fondly called Pastor Shez or PSK) is the Pastor of Christ Villa. He has a special passion for nurturing the flock of God through the sharing of God’s word, offering helping hands through love and compassion. He holds relationships with people very dearly and has The heart of a servant leader.

The pastor believes that every believer should live an exemplary life worthy of emulation by others. Known for his wittiness and amiable disposition, Pastor Sesan loves to teach the word of God with clarity and simplicity, challenging people to unmask their God given potentials for the service of God and humanity. Pastor Sesan exudes a quiet confidence, humility and simplicity in leadership.

His messages are sometimes laden with deep sense of humor, but aptly points one towards the mark of the high calling. Prior to starting the work at Christ Villa, Pastor Sesan was the Assistant Pastor at Jesus House Baltimore. With a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Pastor Sesan is a licensed certified clinical social worker (LCSW-C) specializing in clinical psychotherapy and counseling for families and children.

He is married to Dr. Abimbola (PhD), a registered nurse, and their marriage is blessed with three lovely children, Mofe-Oluwa (Jummy), Similolu (Simi) and Omoyeni. (Yeni).


Christ Villa

At Christ Villa, you will optimize your God-given potentials and using same to live an impactful life within the kingdom and making impact in your community.Christ Villa is committed to raising a movement of faithful Christians challenging conventional wisdom, breaking barriers and making positive impact in the world through careers, professions, vocations, businesses, lifestyles and other endeavors while standing firm for Christ, and also being known for honesty and integrity not only in words but also in deeds. Our numerous departments are well equipped to attend to whatever your needs may be.

We are a family church where the love of Christ is shared unfettered. Make a decision today to experience Christ in a new dimension as you join us in one of our numerous services, we shall be glad to seeing you soon. See you at The Villa!

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