The purpose of every woman is unique in Christ Jesus. Having this understanding, when women come together in unity of purpose, we become a formidable force. Our women’s ministry exists to help women fulfill God's mandate in all areas of life by first understanding their place in the mind of Christ, their unique and collective purpose. Thus, raising a generation of confident women who will use their God given potentials to edify the body of Christ and impact the world at large.

All these are achieved through prayerfully planned activities and events for women in our church and community such as Worship, monthly prayers, health, and wellness programs, sharing life experiences, shopping together, learning essential skills and much more. These will not only promote spiritual growth for those who already know the Lord and expose others to the knowledge of Christ, but also foster love and a sense of community.

The ages of our members range from 31 to 65 years. All women in this age range, who are members of RCCG Christ Villa are automatically part of this Ministry. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each woman and the diversity of our needs like health, childbearing, relationship, marital, career, financial etc. To effectively service these needs and to foster a sense of belonging, the ministry has been further broken down into three (3) arms based on age brackets.

  • The Esther Group: Ages 31 - 40
  • The Abigail Group: Ages 41 - 50
  • The Dorcas Group: Ages 51 & above

Just as Christ commands, “Go into the world”, we seek to serve women both locally and internationally with love and grace.

To empower women to attain their God-given potential, becoming the center of impact and influence in their community.

To raise a God-fearing family that live in accordance with biblical tenets, nurturing every gift of God around us with focus on achieving daily excellence and fulfillment of dreams.

Identifying and maximizing our God-given potentials

WISDOM/ WORD: Empowered by the Wisdom of God to stand out and thrive in all spheres of life. Developing women in Knowing God’s Word while being filled with God’s Spirit, Loving God’s people and doing God’s will."

NURTURE: Committed to raising and nurturing a Godly home/ Godly homes.

GRACED: Graced to lead a great and exemplary life. / Abundant grace to

COURAGE: Courageous to pursue our life goals. / To take on new opportunities, break new grounds and occupy new territories.

FAITH: We are strong in faith, believing everything is possible with and through God.


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