The Hospitality Department is a service department in the Church and it is primarily responsible for providing hospitality services and making people feel connected, appreciated and a part of the Christ Villa church. The department provides hospitality services to the Pastors, Ministers, visitors and members with an inviting atmosphere and an attitude of love and care.

The Hospitality department of RCCG Christ Villa is a ministry of service and the vision is based on being hospitable to others as found in Matthew 25: 34-43 and Romans 12:13 - “ When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality”..

The mood and appearance of the hospitality team must always be one of cheerfulness and friendliness regardless of how we feel. The hospitality team plays a vital role in welcoming members and visitors coming to the church for the first time. We are like the “customer service representatives” of the church.

The impression which the hospitality team make on members and first timers may determine if they are willing to continue with the church or go elsewhere. It may result in winning a soul for the kingdom or losing a soul. The role of the hospitality team is welcoming and connecting people to the life of the church.

Areas of responsibility for the hospitality team.
  • Oversee the hospitality table for all regular and special church services. Making sure the area around the table is clean and inviting.
  • Plan, supervise, and implement larger group gatherings (such as Welcoming lunches/dinners, church picnic and other church functions).
  • Being alert to the needs of the church membership and ways to serve those needs.
  • Provide hospitality arrangements for visiting pastors, missionaries, and special invited guests.
  • Set up, serve, clean-up for catered events of the church.
  • Keep track of all hospitality supplies.
  • Assist in maintaining all catering equipment and storage areas.
  • Help ensure excellent service for guest and help maintain good public relations between food service and guests.
  • Ensure that the Pastor’s personal fridge is always clean and stocked.
  • Ensure that there is water available for the Pastor and Ministering Ministers before the start of every service.
  • Coordinate catering services when required.

The Hospitality Department has core values which every usher should demonstrate. Every usher should be:

  • Enthusiastic: These are people who naturally smile when they think about God, the church, and Christian mission. They smile a lot. They are optimistic. They are genuinely happy to be at worship on Sunday morning. No matter what challenges face the church, they believe God’s love is everlasting.
  • Confident:These are people who have no inhibitions about meeting a stranger. They take initiative. They have high self-esteem. They model positive Christian values and basic faith convictions with anyone anywhere. They respond creatively to unexpected problems and opportunities.
  • Open-hearted:These are people who are sensitive to the needs and yearnings of others. They accept the fact that people can and should be different. They respect minorities. They sympathize with young and old; rich and poor; singles and families. They value people of other cultures.
  • Trainable: These are people who are open to learn something new. They are prepared to step beyond their comfort zones and acquire new skills. They will do homework, extra reading, additional workshops, or commit to coaching relationships.
  • Friendly: Going above and beyond to be accommodating, kind and pleasant.
  • Patient:Able to remain calm and not be anxious or annoyed in the midst of certain situations.
  • Reliable and Accountable:Must be consistently good in quality, performance and trustworthy.
  • Caring and Respectful:Must be genuine and show concern for others. Be polite and put others in one’s shoes and behave in a manner that shows care.

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